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I got a new journal, but I don't think I'm gonna use it. How random. I really like the radio version of "My Immortal" by Evanescence, btw. Although the original rocks.

hi, my name is: Kristin
i was born on: October 14
i now live in: Boston, MA
my height is: 5'3"
my weight is: something like 130, le sigh.
my hair color is: naturally strawberry blonde but right now it's dark reddish-brown.
my eye color is: hazel
i live with: my mom, my dad, my sister
i have these many siblings: 1
my best girl friend is: onlie, Ree. offline, i don't have one
my best guy friend is: Luke, I guess.
right now i am wearing: my old comfy sweatpants and a black baby tee that says "i am a bad girl".
right now i am listening to: the radio
right now i am eating: nothing
right now i am reading: just this survey
right now i am thinking of: how i have a movie to watch but i dont wanna watch it
right now i am watching: the computer screen?
right now i am trying to: stop sneezing
right now i am wanting to: go buy the new Simple Plan DVD but it's cold out
right now i miss: my Uncle Chooch :(
right now i love: Ree
yesterday i wore: jeans and a baby blue turtleneck
yesterday i listened to: the baby watching Dora the Explorer all day
yesterday i ate: a bagel for breakfast, pizza and cheesy bread for lunch, lasagna for dinner
yesterday i read: one of the Babysitter's Club books I used to read when I was 10
yesterday i thought of: how I don't want Paradise to die.
yesterday i watched: that Jingle Ball thingie on TV
yesterday i tried to: update all my rp characters but it didn't happen
yesterday i wanted to: work on a story but i have no motivation
yesterday i missed: my uncle.
yesterday i loved: well I didn't fuck anybody if that's what you're getting at.

tomorrow i will wear: I dunno, I hadn't thought about it.
tomorrow i will listen to: probably nothing, i'm babysitting all day
tomorrow i will eat: these questions are stupid
tomorrow i will read: nothing, probably. i'm running out of books to read.
tomorrow i will think of: I don't plan my thoughts in advance.
tomorrow i will watch: babysit
tomorrow i will try: to work on at least one story.
tomorrow i will want: to go home because im babysitting from 12-11.
tomorrow i will miss: you're starting to piss me off with this
tomorrow i will love: see above ^

---what is on your face: clearasil. shut up.
on your tshirt: "i am a bad girl"
on your jeans: im not wearing any
on your feet: nothing, i like being barefoot
in your hair: a ponytail holder
on your mind: what cd i want to listen to
stuck in your head: that mariah carey christmas song...
last words: *blank stare*
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